Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What happens during the consultation?

In the initial consultation, I take an extensive account of your symptoms and your previous medical history. I use this information to assess what the root cause of the problems may be. We then discuss together the best nutritional and lifestyle strategy to apply. This is very much a collaborative process. Every step is agreed upon by you.

Will I need tests?

Sometimes tests are helpful but they can be expensive. I will always weigh up the cost versus benefit in any given situation. We would discuss this in the consultation and reach a decision together.

Will I have to stop eating all my favourite foods?

It depends!! If certain foods are limiting your progress or exacerbating your symptoms we will discuss reducing and possibly eliminating these during the consultation. All decisions made on the best strategy are done together. It’s always your choice.

I’m not the best cook, does it matter?

No, this doesn’t matter. Foods can be prepared or assembled easily and we would look at this together. I will make sure you have enough information to prepare your meals easily and in a time-sensitive manner.

How many consultations will I need?

This largely depends on what is bothering you. However most people have seen improvements after 3 sessions.