Private Clinic for One to One Consultations

One to one consultations are designed to assess your physical and mental health both now and in the past. The information gathered is used to develop your nutritional plan. We may decide to use supplements or tests in your plan. The process is entirely collaborative. You are in control of every decision.

Corporate Services

Good nutrition is a well-recognised tool in the attainment of optimal physical and mental health. Good health in the workspace is vital to productivity. We have a wide range of bespoke packages available for your staff. Please get in touch to discuss options.

deStress Package

Stress has a lot to answer for when it comes to both physical and mental health. This package is designed to combat the damaging effects stress can have. It incorporates weekly deep tissue massage as well as bespoke nutrition plan to support the body’s stress response. See below for price plan.


A few options are available to you when booking Nutritional Therapy appointments. Appointments can be booked on a one by one basis or as packages. The package option presents better value.

Individual Appointments: Initial Consultation Fee 1 hr 30 mins £115.00 * Follow Up Consultations 1 hr £80.00*

Kickstarter Package Option: 1 x Initial Consultation plus 2 x Follow up Consultations £250.00 (this package presents a £25 saving). This can be followed by individual follow-up consultations priced at £80.00.

*Fees shown are for the private clinic in Walthamstow and for online appointments.

For any questions or to book a package or appointment, click here.