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Your Midlife Health Check

Well Man Complete

Your Proactive Health Review


Embark on a journey of proactive health management with our Men’s Midlife Health Check, designed to address unique health challenges that may emerge during this pivotal stage. Our comprehensive assessment delves into physiological and metabolic functions, providing valuable insights into your well-being.

Our health check includes an examination of cardiovascular health, assessing parameters such as hormone levels, cholesterol profiles, and blood pressure from an optimal health perspective. Identifying potential risk factors for cardiovascular diseases early allows for timely lifestyle interventions and personalised nutrition recommendations.

Functional testing is integral to this approach, offering a deeper understanding of your body’s intricate mechanisms. This includes a thorough evaluation of hormonal balance, such as testosterone levels and thyroid function, pinpointing inconsistencies that may contribute to fatigue, mood swings, and decreased libido all of which can occur around this time.

Metabolic health is a key focus, with assessments of blood sugar levels and lipid profiles. Identifying deviations can enable proactive lifestyle modifications which help mitigate future health issues.

We provide personalised recommendations based on your results.  Testing allows us to tailor interventions, including lifestyle optimisation, dietary adjustments, and supplements suggestions.

Understanding personalised diet and nutrient status is integral to  midlife health.

Invest in your future vitality with our Well Man Complete – an investment that empowers you with knowledge and promotes a proactive approach to health.

Well Man with Yoga Mat on a sunny field
Well Man with Yoga Mat on a sunny field


  • Men who would like a comprehensive review of physiological ageing status
  • Men looking to mitigate potential areas of aging risk
  • Men with symptoms or concerns around vitality
  • Men looking to optimise their longevity


  • A comprehensive blood test based on your package choice
  • Blood Test Analysis
  • 6 x personalised nutritional consultations
  • Personalised dietary recommendations
  • Personalised lifestyle recommendations
  • 12% discount on recommended supplements


A comprehensive blood test covering adrenal Health, cholesterol Status, diabetes risk, gout risk, cardiovascular risk, hormones, blood sugar, iron status, kidney health, liver health, protein, , thyroid status, vitamins.

This test provides a good all-round look at key health markers.

Perfect for an annual check -up as well as one off investigations.


In addition to the comprehensive blood test, the gold package includes a more advanced test looking at markers for heart health.                                             

Beyond the standard lipid markers of LDL and others, this test looks at a greater number of cardiometabolic markers providing a much more detailed insight into cardiovascular risk.

A combination of two comprehensive tests for health promotion and disease prevention.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Gut Health Analysis 

Genetic Panels

Metabolic Panels

7 Day Meal Planner



Will this help with current symptoms?

Absolutely, we take a health history and use the results of your blood test together with you current symptoms to formulate your personalised nutrition protocol.

How do I know which package is best for me?

We will have a chat on the phone to help you decide what’s best.  If you are unclear can also decide at the end of your first consultation.

Do you retest to see if there have been improvements?

Yes we can absolutely retest and check improvements on markers.  The full test may not be necessary so we can look just at the areas that are needed.

What happens over the 6 sessions?

The 6 sessions are formulated based on the findings of the initial blood test or any further tests you decide to talk.  We work on gut health, vitality and longevity over the 6 sessions leaving you with a clear picture of your personalised health strategies going forward.


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Meet Your Therapist

Charlotte Schilcher

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and a member of the British Association of Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.  I regularly participate in additional training to keep up to date on the latest research and continue to modify my protocols in light of this.