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Ever wondered how healthy your heart is?

Coronary heart disease kills an estimated nine million people each year – in 2019 it was the world’s single biggest killer. Around 1 in 6 deaths globally are caused by coronary heart disease.  That’s a crazy statistic. Often dubbed ‘a silent killer’ the heart of your heart needs to be a priority, especially as we age.

I use a test that takes an advanced look at your lipid profile and cardiovascular markers.   It incorporates markers you will already be familiar with such as LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as novel markers not used widely in the standard medical field such as Lp (a).  When viewed together, these markers provide a much more nuanced picture of your cardiovascular health.

Like with all tests, you are sent to the GP for further discussion if there are any red flags.  However, these tests are intended to look at function and current performance.  Ultimately, we want to optimise your health and work on preventing future problems.

We use 100% science-backed testing by some of the UK’s leading functional medicine laboratories.

Heart Nutrition

Need to Know

Test & Analysis –  £295*

Test & Analysis PLUS nutrition programme –  £515*  (3 x consultations)

*Cost of blood draw in addition

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