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I’m delighted to offer nutrition talks, webinars, and nutrition workshops for corporate clients in and outside of the workplace.     Wellness at work is critical to staff performance and retention.   Good nutrition can significantly improve overall health and performance.  Focus, concentration, and energy are some of the key areas that boost productivity.    When an individual is struggling to manage symptoms of pain or discomfort or experiencing energy slumps common after lunchtime, this will interfere with focus.   We all want to contribute effectively to our work and good health is paramount to that.  Supporting staff in this endeavor future proof your business.

Workshops, Webinars & Day Retreats

There are a number of ways to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle medicine into the workplace.  Popular options include ‘lunch & learn’ / ‘tea & talk’ webinars on popular subjects such as Stress & Digestive Health or Menopause.

In Person Workshops / Online Webinars

Stress & Digestive Health:  One of the most common complaints seen by nutritional therapists is issues surrounding digestive health.  In this webinar, you will gain a basic understanding of the inner workings and function of the digestive tract, what issues are connected with poor digestive function, and how best to support it with food and lifestyle.

Weight Management: This talk goes into depth about the biological mechanisms that lead to weight issues. Staff understand ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive choices around food.

Brain Health: Brain health is a hot topic with dementia and Alzheimer’s all too common an occurrence. Find out how what matters when it comes to brain health and the best ways are to nurture you grey matter.

Menopause: This is such an important topic to discuss in the workplace. Women often suffer in silence and can feel very isolated. With 4 million employees in this country falling into this category, the importance of support and understanding cannot be underestimated.

Charlotte Schilcher We are Nutrition

Retreats Days at the Office & Away


For those looking for an away day with a difference, look no further!

We provide a bespoke fun packed day away from the office, to de-stress and educate. The focus is on self-care and stress-relieving strategies and give your staff techniques that can be used on a day-to-day basis going forward.  Our modular system allows you to choose the types of activities, treatments and talks that are most suited to your staff’s needs.  Get in touch to find out options.


What Clients Say

We Are Retreats Charlotte

“We are Nutrition presented a really useful webinar on nutrition and menopause for the staff at the London Borough of Waltham Forest as part of our wellbeing initiative.

The session was 45 minutes in the format of an interactive presentation, with 15 minutes at the end for a Q&A. The high uptake for this webinar reflected the fact that a significant portion of the workforce is going through menopause or perimenopausal, and it is therefore of great interest to many people.

Staff learnt about how nutrition affects menopause, and practical ways that they can help to manage and improve their symptoms.

Charlotte has a really approachable style and managed the Q&A well; not only does she have a deep knowledge of her subject matter, but she was also empathetic to the experiences staff recounted.

We would recommend this webinar to other companies seeking to provide menopause guidance and support.”

Jennifer Legg 

Health and Wellbeing Officer London Borough of Waltham Forest

We Are Retreats Charlotte

“Thank you so much for today.

The feedback has been really great so far. I think it’s been a big eye opener for lots of people.

It was great to deliver something educational, backed by science that can have a real impact.”

Lisa Morgan

Bourne Leisure

We Are Retreats Charlotte

“Charlotte is very professional and thorough.

She has worked wonders in terms of recommending the right foods and supplements to solve my longstanding issues.

I would definitely recommend her services.”

Chris Proctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What happens during the consultation?
In the initial consultation, I take an extensive account of your symptoms and your previous medical history. I use this information to build a map of body functions. This map serves to direct the nutritional programme and to try to establish the root cause or causes of the problems you are experiencing. We agree on the best and most manageable nutrition and lifestyle strategy for you taking into account your lifestyle and home life. This is very much a collaborative process. Every step is agreed upon by you.
Will I have to stop eating all my favourite foods?
It depends!! If certain foods are limiting your progress or exacerbating your symptoms then we will discuss reducing and possibly eliminating these during the consultation. All decisions are collaborative. It’s always your choice.
How many consultations will I need?
This largely depends on what is bothering you. However, most people have seen improvements after 3 sessions. If issues are complex and long term, more consultations may be beneficial.
Will I need tests?

Sometimes tests are helpful and I use the best functional testing laboratories in the country. We will weigh up the cost versus benefit in any given situation. We will discuss this in the consultation and reach a decision together.

I'm not the best cook, does it matter?
No, this doesn’t matter. Foods can be prepared or assembled easily and we will look at ways to make this easier together. I will make sure you have enough information to prepare your meals easily and in a time-sensitive manner.
Will I need supplements?

Supplements can perform specific functions and provide extra support giving us an extra boost when we need them.

Does Nutritional Therapy help?
Yes! All our work is scientific and evidence-based. That means we use the latest research papers and studies to devise your nutritional programme. Everything we recommend has been thoroughly checked against your individual history. I can keep in regular contact with your doctor or therapist.

Contact Me

If you would like to ask questions about your circumstances, please arrange a call or send an email. This will give you a chance to assess whether Nutritional Therapy would be beneficial for you.

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